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Data is mirrored across multiple servers in a redundant grid.

Servers are monitored around the clock auto fall over in case of failure.

Ease of use control panels and user interfaces make it all a snap.

Scalable Resources

You are able to scale your resources up or down as your needs change. Easily meet high peak demands when needed scale back when demand is low. As your business grows so can your cloud without spending a fortune on new hardware


High Availability

Your cloud is ran on more than one server so no single server failure can bring you down. If a server running your software fails your cloud instance is restarted on another sever all with out you having to do anything.

Easy System Migration

Your cloud instances can migrate from one grid to another easily. You can even move to a different data center and set of servers all with out losing any data. Your entire set up can be migrated not just your files.

Instant Fall Over

You are no longer a slave to hardware and faulty systems. All data and running services are mirrored at least 1:1 on another server if a failure occurs your cloud is restarted on another sever in minutes axiomatically.

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