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Cloud Technology

What is a Cloud Server?

The ability to adapt to your exact needs is the greatest advantage of cloud server technology.

A cloud server is similar to a VPS (Virtual Private Server), the difference is that your cloud server is mirrored on multiple physical servers so if hardware failure occurs the server is restarted on another physical server’s hardware.

The file system is abstracted from the hardware the software is running on, enabling the cloud server to be scaled on demand. If you need more space, memory or CPU resources they can be changed up or down as needed.

Your server is presented to you and your visitors as a single server and is completely separate from other cloud servers.

A cloud server gives you the freedom to have variable resources and redundancy, unlike a dedicated server.


Complete control of resources at your finger tips. Scale your CPU, memory and disk space how you see fit.


Our cloud systems are fault tolerant, self healing systems with built-in failover.

Self Healing

Our Server performance is monitored constantly so if a virtual machine fails in the cloud it is automatically transfers to another unit.

Find the service right for you!

Check out any of our services to experience the power of the cloud today. If you have any questions our 24/7 support staff would be happy to help.